GMF’s council is initiated by the International Mayors Communication Center (IMCC) in 2005. GMF’s council is composed of six big global top city sustainable development organizations, including United Nations World Urban Campaign (WUC), United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), Global Real Estate Investment and Development Expo (CITYSCAPE), International Downtown Association (IDA) and CITYNET with 4812 network members (not including Chinese cities). The Council Constitution has authorized IMCC to be the sole permanent Secretariat of GMF, responsible for its daily operation. GMF thus is under the brand of International Mayors Communication Center.
Global Mayors Forum’s vision: Communicate Culture for Global Sustainability
Global Mayors Forum’s purposes:
• Promote inter-city cooperation in economics and culture;
• Find solutions to urban sustainable development;
• Disseminate advanced urban management concepts and techniques;
• Promote global community, friendship and cooperation among enterprises;
• Build a global network of mutual learning and cooperation among cities;
• Spread urban civilization and progress.
In the Chinese mainland, GMF is operated by Green City (Shenzhen) Public Service Co., Ltd.